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“Clean, complete combustion” – this blog where you will find a collection of information on how to further improve the efficiency of the biomass combustion process. Although this improvement towards ‘excellence’ also applies to the burning of fossil coal – I personally prefer, appeal and encourage the burning of biomass, wood, in our furnaces. I am impressed by the content of the documentary film titled The “Inconvenient Truth” – where former V-ce Us President Al Gore – shows the harrowing phenomena of the last decade with the slogan: “Earth Dies.” Among other things, the combustion of hard coal contributes significantly to the overall balance of all environmental pollutants, the atmosphere.

130 billion PLN!!

And from the news: Have you heard of a new government program called “Clean Air”, related to air protection and improved quality of air?
Luuudzie! Quote:

PLN 130 billion for almost 4 million single-family houses! 3 million old-generation boilers will be decommissioned and one million low-carbon sources will be installed in return!”

Aaa I made a stove (stoves!) from a scrap sheet to heat a bunk brick gazebo. They burn free biomass, saving even expenses for MPO with its export! Each of these four million could make themselves from cheap bowls, household appliances (Chinese!) such a shiny, fly-eyed stove (at least – a prototype model.!), whose by-products will be a deer of CO2 + H2O cloud – that is, non-toxic and inert exhaust gases, not digging pots with this cold H2O!

And now let’s go back to the facts.

Only the proper combustion of biomass strikes a certain balance, as it emits as much CO2 into the atmosphere as these incinerated plants have taken this gas for growth. The level of other pollutants resulting from biomass combustion is lowest compared to the combustion of other solid fuels.

Of the most important – sulfur compounds = 0, NOx compounds – minimum. Hard coal at even the so-called “clean combustion” – emits a whole table of dangerous pollutants. That is why I appeal, I propose, I prefer – let us leave hard coal for specialized processing and harvesting of valuable fractions and derivative raw materials, because today the World is based on them such dynamic production development. With our preference for biomass combustion – parallel pressure is needed on the Authorities when making reasonably wise, truly pro-ECO resolutions!
It’s about introducing m. Others. Orders such as: Obligation to green the Fallow, “bare” areas, planting forests by Investors (cutting down trees for construction, various infrastructures, highways, etc.!). On the other hand, the bans on the combustion of biomass, wood – if it is possible to burn this fuel in a completely, complete (to ash!) way are wrong.
We pride ourselves on Polish Science, so it must come as a surprise to forget, ignoring the fact that biomass – wood – contains in its composition as much as about 100 000 inhabitants. 70% wood gas (including combustible substances such as: hydrogen 20% + carbon monoxide 20% + methane 15%), which will still “return” to the atmosphere (especially those undeveloped, left for putrefactive decomposition processes, insucurating the atmosphere) as unburned, energy-untapped for our purposes!
“Haunted, belligerent” environmentalists – they should know and remember that burning wood gas – emits much less CO2 and more H2O into the atmosphere (than vice versa – when burning coal), because in this gas-fired mixture – the constituent hydrogen (over carbon in atomic bonding) dominates in total).

Note from the news – 11.02.2020 – on TVP1 given tragic information:

In two places of Poland there was the death of people in closed, large rooms – where it was left, rotting biomass! The composition of the air was examined. It turned out that the deaths were the result of suffocation with putrefactive gases and oxygen deficiency (it was consumed in the putrefactive process!) – only about 2% remained – in inhaled, such “air”.!

This “example” – provides concrete evidence of the need to burn biomass – in the interests of the purity of our atmosphere. All the more so, according to Wikipedia, “methane is a greenhouse gas whose greenhouse potential is 72 times greater than carbon dioxide (on a 20-year scale) or 25 (on a 100-year scale), and the average content in the atmosphere is 1.7 ppm (it has more than doubled in the past two hundred years).”
And coal? The exception may be a special variety of hard coal – Anthracite! However, currently in Poland – it is no longer mined. It is brought to the country from abroad and to other purposes (hardly inflammatory.!).
Anthracite – has excellent energy properties, the highest share of clean coal (elemental – from fossil.!), the highest caloric content with the lowest share of gas composition and ash (which does not stick together in slag!). It gives a transparent-blue-purple flame (no smoke, soot!).
However, in the long term – observing the latest developments (Krakow’s Anti-Smog Resolution and from successive Polish cities – a total ban on the burning of coal and wood) and indirect pressure from the EU on CO2 emissions into the atmosphere – the “defence” of coal burning – is rather doomed to lose.
Recently, we found a video with Paweł on YouTube, authored by a well-known traveler and reporter: Wojciech Cejrowski (Passionate and Organizer of Picnic’ów – m. Others. with Country Music at home, in Osiek – where he once also invited my band – “Rangers”!). Listen to his statement on this matter (from 9.30 minutes of this projection: https://youtu.be/Kj6C8DBYV58?t=566), which only confirms what we are talking about here.
We only have a chance to defend the combustion of biomass – wood – but provided and with evidence that in our effect – the composition of exhaust gases is no different from the gases offered and supplied in return gases (eg. earthen, propane-butane), which de-facto also burn in blue!
Even this, minimal portion of volatile ash from biomass (which can be easily separated from the exhaust fumes – at the outlet.!) – is a valuable, “by-product” product. We also see how plastics displace iron and what is the need for fractions of hard coal. In our country – because of such demand for processing – we should indeed treat this raw material as what is known as a raw material. “black gold”, “National Treasure” – sell surpluses well – not opt for the worst solution – combustion (with subsidies for coal boilers!).
Guided by the above and the need to insulate the gazebo, garage on my own recreational plot garden – three years ago I was involved in exploring the topic of biomass combustion in furnaces, but with a particular focus on the analysis of the combustion process itself. I realized quite early on that almost all of the best, advertised furnace designs, biomass boilers, the combustion process and as a result – exhaust gases – are far from what we might call: “complete, total combustion”.

I decided to publish my designs

And share the effects of three years of work, experience and also describe failures, mistakes to others save it. However, I would like interested in the construction of furnaces with a complete combustion process – to verify and supplement the state of Their Knowledge, necessary for such a w/w.an effect, and with full understanding – to proceed to the design and construction. This is the goal for creating this Blog, discussing and collegiately designing such stoves – when analyzing from scratch. All structures with a wear: no electric current and fan.

For registered Users there is a Forum tab here they can discuss, post comments, posts with attachments. I assume that the technical solutions for achieving the expected effect can be many.
In order not to limit your imagination and not to suggest as the only solution – only after the completed theoretical analysis and when it will result in a visualized Project – I will publish my video and photos of all the elements of the construction of my stoves. Earlier I will publish a video, photos of these furnaces – without “interior” and detailed info dot. Operating rules. So, design and construction will be spread over stages.
THE FACT that the burning I point out (the immediate visual effect of which is this color of the flame) is not just some, my invention is evidenced by isolated “cases” (videos already shared on YouTube and collected in our Bibliography) from different parts of the World!
The launch of this Blog, its correct conduct and visualizations, are possible only thanks to my naming of Colleague Paul, who is the owner of the same and the Administrator. I am a User with paul’s assigned role – ii administrator. Also activate my YouTube channel where m. Others. there will be videos with stoves – I owe him. Paul has extensive experience in the construction of “classic” “rocket” furnaces (improved bdb. vortex, with a prowency – Peter van den Berg.!). We have agreed to create an Honorary Company – for the effective operation of its sites. In computer matters, I am a dilettante, while Paul is a Specialist, an Artist.

Per summary

I wish you and myself a constructive, friendly Discussion for this overarching goal, which will be unique, new furnace structures, where we will finally get the result – total, complete burning of biomass, wood.

Staszek “Ranger”

1 June 2020 • 1,5 tys. wyświetleń