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This typical “About Us” tab for Blogs – currently applies to the Owner-Administrator and the User (with the assigned function of the second Administrator), but in our image it can also be a place for future, active, registered Users, where they will be able to present themselves with Their qualifications and Passions.

Although this Blog is strictly themed – it would be great on this occasion to get to know yourself, your other interests and passions, and perhaps someday, in the future get to know each other in person – individually, camaraderie, and in parallel explore other, interesting topics, Hobbies.

Therefore, let us not be ashamed to reveal Our broader interests, which often seemingly do not relate to this Topic, but indirectly can greatly help our, this “burning” Cause. We will also provide, supplement, and supplement data about our interaction with other Forums, indicating addresses to their websites as well as social media channels (e.g. Facebook, YouTube).

Staszek… “Ranger”

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Founder: Stanisław Podraza aka “Ranger”  – meritocracy content
residence Chorzow
learned profession machine building technology
profession practised
  • 5 years – construction office worker
  • alloy steel mill – “Baildon”
  • 41 years – Puppet Theatre, specialist
  • doll and prop builder
  • modeling, metalwork
  • design of sailing yachts
other qualifications, hobbies
  • yacht captain of the great shipping
  • scuba, survival
  • healthy eating, nutritionist
  • organizer of artistic events
  • musician<—klik(Kanał na YouTube)
  • arranger, songwriter
specific, current ECO actions
  • combustion process of solid fuels
  • total combustion of solid fuels –
    without hidden soot in the exhaust gas
  • furnace projects for biomass
Admin: Paweł Nowak – technical support, programmer
residence Kraków
Education construction techniques
  • c.o. installations. and c.w.u.
  • service and installation of air conditioning and ventilation
  • Construction
  • Electrician
  • Computing