Total ban on smoking with coal and wood

From September 1st in Krakow you will no longer be able to smoke in boilers, stoves and fireplaces. Allowed only with gas and heating oil. You don't believe it.??? →Read more

Biomass stoves design procedures – do’s and don’ts

What procedures should be followed to build a clean combustion stove? That is, what orders and prohibitions will apply when creating a stove for the total combustion of biomass. →Read more

130 billion PLN..!

Briefly about how the Polish government intends to fight smog with the help of the Clean Air program and how we are going to do it we, because as you do not know what's going on, money or the authorities. →Read more

Analysis of a single candle flame (or stick)

In order to be able to build your optimal, (ideal) stove, you must first understand the processes that occur during oxidation of fuels in the furnace and absolutely the combustion triangle. A simple but inexpensive way to scientifically investigate this phenomenon is to use the candle as a mini stove and analyze its flame. →Read more

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Prologue for Analysis of the Biomass Combustion Process

Our adventure with clean combustion begins with a simple test for the presence of soot, which is revealed by the color of the flame, a white pot with cold water suspended over a flame (chimney) or a white gauze. →Read more