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Luuudzie.., cyt.

PLN 130 billion for almost 4 million single-family houses! 3 million old-generation boilers will be decommissioned and one million low-carbon sources will be installed in return!

Don’t believe it? (130 billion PLN..!)
Here’s the link:

Aaa I made myself a stove (stoves!) – for a bunk, brick gazebo, from a scrap plate. They burn free biomass, saving even expenses for MPO with its export! Each, with those 4-million rech! could make a cheap bowl, household appliances (Chinese!) – such a shiny, low-cut stove, whose exhaust fumes will be eaten CO2 + h2o cloud –
non-digging pot with this cold H2O

Best regards
Staszko…- O..!

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