A. Range Stove Rules (RST) – scope of furnace regulations – orders
B. Range Stove Bans (RSB) – scope of furnace Bans – prohibitions

This Topic as (my) Our Furnace Design Epilogue is this summary of Our Discussion (in the next, open to Discussion – tabs) concerning all, the most important (almost – because you can always add something) – Principles in the design of a biomass burning furnace according to the Criteria in the Process – where combustion is:

Total, complete (to ash).

Instead of an expensive, one-time and comprehensive study of the composition of exhaust gases (which costs more than 15 thousand. zloty) – I propose (and everywhere I propagate) – my, my own and free, two-point “Ranger Test”:

1. The color of the flames – from blue to transparent (without yellow – yellow-hot soot);
2. Test for the presence of soot (hidden in the exhaust gases) – a bright container with cold water over the flame + white gauze over the chimney.

These above Criteria must be met in all Combustion Systems (with exceptions – fluidized bed, FLOX, special), in common-use furnaces, possible to make independently, i.e.:

  1. Upper
  2. Lower
  3. Side
  4. Moving averages
  5. mixed (multiplex)

It is a Collection of Precepts and Prohibitions (with an analogy to the Decalogue, and – Deadly Sins) – in terms of meeting the necessary Conditions to achieve the Goal for which all of us, We “fight”!

Short, essential(agreed in the Discussion)– records in individual points will form the construction of this Collection.
It is divided into two numerical columns (with points and subpoints):

Part A (RSR) and Parallel Part B (RSB).

So let’s discuss and together let’s build theTEAM! 🙂

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