Heat Receivers

For me, the priority function of the furnace for the useful use of biomass – from the beginning was the production of electricity, and … in addition – heating panels… (after using even hot water vapor in the steam engine..!).

The "burning" need for me is also the constant, year-round heating of the water … (no pollution of the Environment..!) – in the pool "BestWay"… with a capacity of 17,000 Litres… (filled with filtered rainwater from trapezoidal roof sheets of the gazebo and garage..!) … – on my newly purchased garden plot.

All this, this… "Closed, Free Hand"… I call it as the name of the pool…– "BestWay"… (best way..!). And .., free production of electric current …- I was inspired by the presentation of the film on Discovery TV … with classic star steam engine…

There it is shown how on the common axis with the steam motor are driven – generator, alternator. I used to…- dealing with modeling – I made the design of a very simple rotary motor… (pneumatic, steamy, valveless..!) – also the type of "star", so for me it became clear that only such an engine is possible to make on its own. Especially since I have small, portable 3-ma generators for a sailing yacht… (bought on Allegro, used for …
"dog money"..!) …

Below…- videos from YT dot. this, "classic" engine.., and videos on the principle of operation and construction of rotary motors…

How It's Made – Steam Engines

How a Wobbler engine works

Oscillating Steam Engine

Oscillating cylinder model steam engine

Radial Air Engine

Rotary 5-cylinder star engine


Steam machine star steam engine


Wood gas current + central heating

Advanced experiment using a flue motor

The simplest, practical arrangement with WGW gas generator for 5 hp:
WGW + fiter + S.air + motor + generator

Cheap small aggregate 12/230 V – 800 W
for replacing the internal combustion engine with a rotary steam engine