Yes, so…- we start, we light up..,
rocket…- “launch”…
supersonic… IT…- we explore…

So that we can look closely at this single flame (at the beginning of the candle), it must somehow exist and last for a certain period.
We will not discuss all aspects of the topic in our analysis (e.g. ways of initialization). We will focus on those that have a concrete impact on the expected Process or Effect (in practical design). The absolute basis for the analysis of the flame is the famous one: “Burnt Triangle”, already sufficient for fat, mourning, and: “Quadrilateral of Combustion”, (preceded by this “Triangle”), necessary for flame burning.

Correct combustion triangle according to a thorough analysis of the combustion of Stanisław Ranger Combustion Quadrangle

Of course, the above scheme is indicated mainly for:

  1. Total combustion, which occurs when a whole mass of the burned substance is oxidized.
    It occurs when not only does there be no smoke or combustible substances in the ash, but also part of the fuel in the form of steam does not escape. Total combustion occurs as a result of the reaction of oxygen to the substance, when the amount of oxygen is not less than the resulting stoichiometry.
  2. Complete combustion, the product of which is the most durable of the possible chemical compound in a given reaction, e.g. C + O2 CO2, whether combustion will be complete or incomplete is determined by the over-air factor.
  3. and the excess air ratio.

This applies to these ideal, “cosmic” conditions for such combustion, but, but – let’s go down to our, “Earth”, because this is where these “stairs” begin.

A’propos of these stairs (and the Cosmos..!). As a musician, guitarist – I “grew up” m. Others. on such hits as this song: Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin. Somehow the “burned out” creative vena in today’s Creators, because it is difficult to find works that match (including Stylu..!) – the above.. Too bad.
Aaa like “firing”, we also have to deal with this – just as if, so you have to go to these “stairs”, after which we get to what?. Aaa, well, for the “burner” of mobile-portable, light, “O”ptymal
Iii… This… leitmotiv’em… let this imperative Work be for us:

Our steps to these …- “stairs”, is …- the ability to perceive and the result first – questions, answers … (to be verified..!), theoretical on technical… (models to test..!), errors.. – ability to assess and eliminate them…-

I realized quite early on that… The principle of “Triangle, Quadruple Combustion” for solid fuels… (biomass..!) – just as readable and simple in Theory – proves to this day one of the biggest problems when the requirement is the so-called. Total
complete combustion. Without being any professional specialist in this field – as an amateur, passionate… (who like tough challenges..!) – I began to search the Internet, available materials, elaborations and videos – asking myself … (after testing..!) – these questions. These tests and model trials eventually gave me answers to such compliciting questions.

Patent.., the solution turned out to be ...- so simple that… until funny… I was therefore surprised by the fact that this simplicity was not used in furnace structures. However, this place is often done intricate “eccentricity” structuralism, which still do not fully produce the expected results. Signaling my successful constructions – sometimes on other discussion forums – I asked puzzling, sort of leading questions about. important aspects and the necessary… (w/g me..!) – to be taken into account. Problems such as… diffusion, blue flame and soot
are not sufficiently and properly interpreted and in the solutions – applied.

This… Blog-Forum…  it was launched because when i started to give on another Forum, describe elements of my structures or indicate certain phenomena … (effects..!) – I noticed the “cunning” practice of misappropriation by my “patents”. Also my friends noticed such “tendencies” warning with such attention for me..: “reveal your solutions in stages forum-blog, the most important give at the end, because … there will be those who will immediately say so… :
“I knew it a long time ago, I did.., but I did not show, booo …- I did not want“”…!!!
I have given up patenting in favor of – selfless publication, but with the reservation of dot. “Copyright” for my technical solutions.
Yes, so…- again… (now with you..!) – together we go on these …- stairs

1. Step and step first

Question: what can be the smallest, bio-mass stove where clean combustion will be expected (total, complete!), what is it, what and how is it made?
Answer: it’s simple – wire (under 6-ohm, straight angles – bent!).

I’m not kidding… (below – a series of pics of such …- present..!)

Fuel for the stove… (Drucika..!) – candle
Fast heat-resistant – just to show different degrees of combustion process on it…
Instead of fast – you can bet eg. bowl with 50 ml of water… (to boil).

Ranger tests on the next page.

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