Our Projects

This department will be intended mainly for people who would like to boast about their achievements in the construction and construction of interesting solutions of furnace equipment.
The term "Our Projects" will therefore apply not only to the Founders of this site, but also to all active Users who have registered here.

Note.! We do not expect to present here only those of your designs, which in 100% already fulfill the purposeful premise of this Blog-Forum! The partial solutions and effects that bring you closer to your Goal will be valuable. They will also allow the construction and replenishment of this… "check – letters" in our section titled: Design procedures of furnaces – orders and prohibitions (as confirmed, partial evidence in the effectiveness of the solution – in the right direction of our search!)

How Not My Is Who?

You… and … – m… (taaak… bake… – "haunted"..!),
we know… – smog on … oxygen – no one will replace us…!
Together – Team…, " dragon by the tail " – let's do IT…!
Something.., Someone – muuusi… (because… how not we – it's Who..?) …!

In parallel with our discussion, I propose practical, technical actions.
Without risk, we can experiment and improve existing, published constructions – solutions. I suggest those that are in line with the assumptions of this Blog Forum, described in the Introduction.

As a basis, a "base" for further development, improvement, I chose a well-documented on YouTube – the design of the above-mentioned design of Paul S. Anderson –
coaxial, symmetrical construction of the stove "TLUD":

TLUD stove – design

This design and its improvement are presented with a gallery of pics + 3- the first films in the release of Roberto Poehlmann –
TLUD type stove – with Venturi – blue flame, pellet.

An alternative to this design is another type of construction – stove for upper combustion – with a central channel for secondary air (Author – Titanickaram – film No. 4 – it is worth reading the comments, explanations of the Author..! ) and a gallery of pics with dimensions of elements: http://imgbox.com/g/vhYUyOxZqN
On the other hand , tlud's advanced design with Venturi constrictor is: photo gallery dot. Film No. 3 – R. Poehlmann

1. TLUD Natural Draft stove from 5 liter can

2. TLUD pellets stove Yellow flame – blue flame

3. TLUD pellets stove Blue flame. Zwężka Venturi

4. Blueish flame wood chips stove

A'propos of this, the 4th film (with a tube inside..!) – worth doing and analyzing the simplest possible - tourist "HOBO-stove" – Film + info Author – jw934

Donut Tube Wood Stove – Wood pellet burner

I propose the following improvements to the TLUD design:

  • DefVortex supplement (for increased temperature and thrust!)
  • Supplement continuous combustion system (simplest feeders!)
  • Burning the entire charge (also coal – to ash!)
    (currently on 3 kg of pellets – 0.5 kg of unburned coal is left!)

Dear, Active Users. I think it will be obvious that such an improved,
this TLUD – will be the "Combustion Pattern",
reference point for other FURNACES (upper combustion!). 
Also a requirem
ent for an alternative – lower combustion!

Who… is eager for fun…???
Declare… (than has Cases..!).!!
We will create this team-work…-
as "Rangers" … (we will be baptized.!)..!
Let se boilers produce… –
5th grade… (se…- buy..!)..!
We "from blue flame – (we will explain..!) –
it's a banner" … (w i e s and m y..!)..!
When they come to you… – R a n g e r s'i …
"bite" smo(k)a… (first..!) –
will happen… (bigger Case..!) –
wteeedy will… yes… – Z a b a in a ..!

So let's get started.

We are waiting for the first proposals of the high. Improvements. Maybe one of you will want to repeat this, easy-to-do construction, eg. from two waste buckets after paint
(in a 15 litre bucket – 5 litre pellet bucket)?

This basic version can be even more technically (to be done..!) – simplify. In both bottoms of the buckets cut the matching holes to the V-constrictor – grate: wire mesh. Instead of these 5-level pieces of pipes (2xPP + 3xPW..!) – use the tin lids of these buckets:

  1. Circle covering from below grate and quantity pp – suspended and movable (top – bottom..!) – lid of a smaller bucket
  2. Raised ring for PW – cut in a tin cap of a larger bucket – tightly fitting the hole to the diameter of the 5-liter bucket. Such a sliding ring on this bucket (top – bottom..!) – to the higher edge of the outer bucket – will adjust the amount of air PW..!

I think that kaaażdy of you, who intends to design and build your first excellent furnace (almost, because on this "Padole" everything can be improved..!), should start with such a design. After building such a TLUD – smoke in it exactly as shown (by order..!) indicated photo gallery. Enjoy the flame, "play" with these air streams (primary PP and secondary HP) just as the video shows at the end of the projection.

I assure you that for most of you the view of an unscocal kettle with boiled liters of cold water over such colors of flames – will act as a drug (captivating in the design of these stoves to-ce-lo-wych!). These experiments allow you to understand and feel in the "bones" – the simultaneous process of burning two, different fuels: gaseous + solid!

Then send your photos and suggestions for improvements, Projects. We will post them here, analyze and expand this Project Department (various..!).

Pozdro…- Staszko…
PS. I admit that for my stove constructions m.in. Just
this TLUD… (and others..!) – were…
"The basis for the Analysis of the Combustion Process" of solid fuels – biomass…

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